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Welcome to BinaryLane: Developers live here.

BinaryLane offers 100% NVME cloud servers that are instantly provisioned with easy-to-understand pricing.

Our management panel is powerful and simple to use, or automate your platform with OpenStack Compute API.

Administrators will love our load balancing, external firewall, performance monitoring and automated backups.

mPanel Screenshot
Our management panel (click for full-size)

Only pay for what you use

  • Our service is charged by the hour; cancel at any time.
  • Say goodbye to plans: select the memory, storage, and data transfer you need - no fixed allocations.
  • Scale up or down at any time from our management panel, quickly and easily.

Control your destiny

  • Create, resize, restart, destroy - all available through our panel or API.
  • Backup automatically or on-demand. Restore the full-disk image or attach the backup and retrieve individual files.
  • Protect your server with our external firewall and improve availability with our load balancer service.

Live life in the cloud

  • All our storage is NVME to provide the fastest disk performance possible.
  • Live-migration allows necessary maintenance to be performed with no server downtime.
  • Create new servers to handle load increases, and cancel when no longer needed.