Feature Walkthrough

Here's three fantastic reasons to make the move to BinaryLane.

1 Technology

Linux servers in just 30 seconds

With NVME storage, there is no need to wait. Your linux server will be provisioned in just 30 seconds! Start deploying your service without delay.

Scale your server on-demand

Your server's memory, disk, and data transfer can be changed instantly from the control panel. Scale up as you need more resources, or down during quiet times.


Whatever your storage needs, we have you covered. Choose from a range of plans including super-fast NVME, or slower HDD for bulk storage.

Got problems? Get console.

Access to your server is always available through our website. You can manage your server on the road or recover from configuration problems.

OpenStack Compute API

Our service API is compatible with the OpenStack Compute standard, so you can control our cloud servers with a wide range of existing libraries.

Load-balancer as a service

Take the pain out of high-availability with our load balancer service. For just $10 a month you can distribute traffic across your cloud servers.

3 Infrastructure

Reliable, redundant hardware

Xeon CPUs and ECC Memory, of course. Throw in redundant storage running on a redundant 10gbit network and you have a seriously reliable service.

Two-factor authentication

All the hardware in the world will not protect you from hackers. Utilise two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator support to keep your management panel access to yourself.


Our cloud servers have access to a blend of upstream carriers to ensure fantastic internet connectivity. IPv4 and IPv6 are both available, as are private IPv4 LAN addresses.

Next-generation datacenter

We are housed in the fantastic NEXTDC B2, M2, P1, and S1 facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. The environment is physically secure, carrier neutral, and redundantly powered along with a diesel generator on-site.