cPanel Dedicated Server

Get a super-fast cPanel dedicated server running 100% NVME Storage. Manage your websites or sell hosting to your clients.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is the industry-standard web-based management software for web hosting. With cPanel you can create individual accounts for you or your customers, limited only by your server resources.

Is cPanel difficult to install?

cPanel servers comes pre-installed with cPanel & WHM. To start using your cPanel server, login to the WHM web interface on port 2087 and complete the Initial Setup Wizard before creating cPanel accounts.

How do I learn more?

cPanel has comprehensive documentation covering all the functionality available. If you are using cPanel professionally, you may like to complete a course at cPanel University to enhance your understanding of the software.

View all Features Each BinaryLane cPanel dedicated server comes with...

  • Instant setup in just 30 seconds
  • Resource monitoring and alarms
  • 100% NVME Storage
  • Blend of Australia's best network providers
  • Upgrade or downgrade as required
  • External firewall and port blocking

And the option of adding...

  • Automated daily backups
  • Additional IPV4 addresses
  • CloudLinux