Linux / Mac OS X / Other UNIX-esque OSs

Customers running Mac OS X or Linux can use the SSH client that is available already on these operating systems.


The easiest option for Windows users to use SSH is to download PuTTY, a free, open source SSH client for Windows.

Download PuTTY locally and start it up. You'll see the standard configuration screen:

Enter your Binary Lane server's IP address or hostname in the "Host Name" field and then click "Open" to connect.

You'll receive a warning that the host's key is unknown at this time - this is normal when you connect to a new host. Click "Yes" to proceed and it will cache the SSH key, so you won't see this again.

You'll then be prompted for a username and password, at which point you can log in with the credentials that were provided when your server was created.

Recommended reading for additional SSH security: SSH Keys - Connecting with PuTTY